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Uber data slip

Uber Data Breach Exposes Licenses and IRS Documents for Nearly a Thousand Drivers  

Hack my medicalz

Thousands of critical medical systems – including Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines and nuclear medicine devices – that are vulnerable to attack have been found exposed online. Security researchers Scott Erven and Mark Collao found,...

Adobe spies on readers 0

Adobe spies on readers

Updated Adobe’s Digital Editions 4 ebook reader software collects detailed information about the reading habits of its users – and sends it back to the company in a format that’s easy for others to...

Rise of the Machines 0

Rise of the Machines

Thanks to machine-to-machine communication, more and more critical every day devices are becoming connected, and it’s apparently only a matter of time before a rogue smart car or hacked pacemaker kills someone…

Xsser mRAT – China naughty! 0

Xsser mRAT – China naughty!

Israeli security firm Lacoon Mobile Security spotted the Xsser mRAT spyware being distributed under the guise of an app to help coordinate the Occupy Central protests in the autonomous region.

Dork scanners 0

Dork scanners

It’s amazing what little technical knowledge you need to do some real damage online. Having studied ethical hacking principles, it’s nice to know what is happening under the hood with automation scripts such as...